Fall 2016 Sunday Morning Adult Growth Groups


Life 201

John and Deanna Kitchen
Rm. #F115 (Continues)

Life 201 is a discussion class with a small group feel that deals with issues that make up the fabric of day to day life. Topics range from relationships, family and faith, to current events, finances and more, all discussed in an open, transparent format using God’s truth as our guide. Life 201 is a great place to connect, encourage, and be encouraged.


Young Adult Sunday School

Pastor Marty and Marie Pierce
Room: Library and various times for small group activities TBA.

Focused on guiding the post high school graduates on how to live out this thing called faith. Those who call themselves God’s people should have a life that produces good fruit. Join us and other young adults for a look at the book of James.



Mike Tartaglia
Room: F106

What is the gospel? Who needs it? Why is it needed? What is the nature of salvation? How is it achieved? What difference does salvation make in an individual's life? What difference does it make with reference to society as a whole? Join us as we answer these important life questions in the study of the book of Romans.


Principles of Victory

Dave Thurman
Room: F116

Our Nation is in darkness. Many Christians are weak, apathetic or actually very worldly. What can be done? How can we turn the Church and our nation around? How should we live and how shall we proceed in this alien land? Join us to discover the principles that have brought revival to our Nation many times in the past.


201:Discovering Spiritual Maturity

Aimee Orem
Room: F117

Ever feel like you just don’t measure up spiritually? Join us for a 10 week journey as we discover the mysterious and messy path of maturing in Christ. Putting away familiar “measuring sticks” we use in the church, we will open our hearts to the transforming work of grace as it touches every area of our lives.