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Rock Church has a variety of ways you can connect with other adults.

Men’s Bible Study happens on Wednesday nights. There are multiple Women’s Bible Studies throughout the week.

Wellspring Fellowship serves our senior adults with monthly activities.

There are also a number of Sunday School classes and small groups you can take part in on a weekly basis.

Youth Ministry in Rockford Illinois - Rock Church

Cornerstone Youth Ministry

Cornerstone Youth Ministry welcomes everyone to be real with God and one another as we grow in our faith.

Reaching Teenagers with the good news of Jesus Christ.
Restoring relationships with the family, the church and with God.
Refining disciples through, worship, teaching and mentoring.
Releasing teenagers to serve their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Various opportunities will be established for students to plug in to. Areas include, but are not limited to: drama, media, worship, working with the Children`s ministry outreach, events, and moreā€¦

We have a goal that every student is involved in an area of ministry both within and outside of Rock Church.

We purpose to be part of preparing teenagers so that when they graduate High School they are fully devoted followers of Christ and are ready to take their leadership skills and ministry experience into college and other parts of the world.

Cornerstone Meets on Wednesday night 6:30-8pm and on Sundays at 9:30am.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Our Youth Ministry has many activities throughout the year that include Camps and Retreats, Movie Nights, Cook-outs, Concerts, Community Outreaches, Conferences and various other opportunities to connect with each other and Christ.

Young Adults Ministry in Rockford Illinois - Rock Church

CORE Young Adults Ministry

The CORE is Rock Church’s young adult ministry.

Our mission is to reach the Millennial generation for Christ by engaging in real relationships, mentoring both the young adults and encouraging them to mentor our younger kids within Cornerstone Youth Ministry and RocKidz, and providing an opportunity to learn about Christ through real world application and Bible study.

Some of the ways we do this are:

Wednesday night group meetings at 6:30pm where we:

Meet on campus and learn with Cornerstone Youth Ministry
Meet on campus privately and have Bible Study
Meet off campus and just enjoy each other’s company at a restaurant or fun activity

Sunday morning Sunday School at 9:30am in the library at Rock Church where we:

Discuss topics that are truly relevant to their everyday lives
Discuss reasons why the Millennial generation as a whole is leaving the church in droves and how we, Rock Church, can meet their needs and get them engaged in our church
Discuss ways to get more involved in our community

One of the things we have learned from this generation is that they want to be involved. The Millennial generations wants to be asked to serve, wants an opportunity to lead, and wants real relationships based on trust, mutual respect, mentoring, and faith.

We try to provide an atmosphere where these incredible adults don’t have to wait till they are “older” to serve in our church and in their community, and where they feel they have a “voice” to their church.

We do have several special events throughout the year that are very exciting.
We do a couple of get-a-way retreats, take an annual trip to Great America, and celebrate special occasions together.

Pastor Randy and Janelle Young are honored to work with such an amazing group of adults and to be an ear to vent to, a shoulder to cry on, and a cheerleader for them as they navigate life’s journey.

Kids Ministry in Rockford Illinois - Rock Church


The Bible mentions the word “child” or “children” more than 2,000 times. Children are important to God and to us as well. Here at Rock Church we have activities and classes for all ages.

On Sunday mornings we have Nursery for infants up to age 2 during both services and Sunday School. Sunday School classes start at 9:30am for 3yrs old thru 5th grade.

During second service, we have Pebbles for kids 3yrs old thru Kindergarten and RocKidz for kids 1st grade thru 5th grade. Our Rock Climbers program runs from the fall to the spring on Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

Outreach Ministry in Rockford Illinois - Project 1013 - Rock Church

Project 1013

Project 1013 is one of Rock Church’s outreach opportunities to our community here in Rockford, Illinois.

The idea comes out of Matthew 10:13 which states, “If the house is worthy, give it your blessing of peace. But it if is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace.” – New American Standard Bible. That is the aim of what Project 1013 is all about, blessing! We want to bless those that we come in contact with and be a blessing to them and their families.

What do we do? For 4 days in June of each year, hundreds of volunteers descend on the Ellis Heights neighborhood on the west side of Rockford and do a community cleanup. Over a 24 square block area, we work with home owners, renters and landlords, and local churches, businesses, and community organizations to clean up yards, alleyways, empty lots, and sidewalks. Over this 4 day period, we will work on an average of 130 homes, volunteer over 8,000 hours and have 300-400 volunteers give some of their time.

Why do we do it? Project 1013 exists because a need exists. In those 130 plus homes, there are widows, single moms with children, the elderly, the disabled, and it is the church’s obligation to reach out and help those in need. We do it because we want to show God’s love for us by showing love for our fellow human beings. We do this every year so that people in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Rockford will know that people care about them.

Lastly, Project 1013 is there to spread health and safety. If we can get rid of old bushes, debris, dangerous garbage and items and open up the the area so that kids can play, and people can come outside and not be afraid, then we have accomplished the task.

How can you help? We are always looking for volunteers to give of their time on those 4 days. If you can give an hour or all 4 days, we would be honored if you served with us We are looking for business partners. We have several businesses that donate funds, equipment, or food items for our volunteers. But, we are always looking for more.

As Project 1013 grows, so does our need for funds and donations. You can pray. One of the greatest parts of the project, is what we can the Buckets of Blessing. Each and every house we work on receives a Home Depot orange bucket filled with household cleaning items, and many other useful things.

When we deliver the buckets, we ask the people that live in the house if there is anything we can pray with them about, and that is when the Lord ministers. We have had many people come to faith in Christ, been able to really pray for some significant needs, and make some wonderful relationships over the years.

In short, Project 1013 is the church, being Jesus with skin on. We are literally spreading the Gospel by following one of Christ’s greatest commandments, loving our neighbors as ourselves. Will you join us?

Missions Ministry in Rockford Illinois - Rock Church


Rock Church believes in fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in our city and around the world.

Each year our church spear heads Project 1013, a local missions outreach to one of Rockford’s poorest neighborhoods.

Tepic, Mexico is another location our church is heavily invested in. We have sent teams to Spain, and all over Africa.

Missions is a great way to Discover Life in Christ as you serve God’s people.

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